In Search of the Jaguar
National Geographic Special for PBS

Genesis Award 2004
Outstanding PBS Documentary
The Humane Society of the United States
"For providing a rare window into the threatened world of the jaguar viewed by a man whose affinity for animals lends poignancy to their plight, thus increasing public awareness of animal issues."

Washington Post, November 23, 2003
"Alan Rabinowitz has always been up against time as he works to save the jaguar from extinction. But now the clock ticks louder . . . "
(click here to read full interview featuring Kate Churchill and Alan Rabinowitz)

Wall Street Journal, November 21, 2003
"By the time this colorful documentary ends, we have learned a great deal about this conservationist’s inner life, and a lot about his cats too–though the jaguars are clearly keeping their inner lives to themselves…For the moment, it’s enough to behold these creatures, 300 or so of muscle out hunting prey, mating, their cubs slithering through the forest–one of the film’s most delectable sights."
- Dorothy Rabinowitz

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, November 25, 2003
"Narrated by Glenn Close, In Search of the Jaguar sets itself apart from other nature documentaries by profiling Rabinowitz's personal challenges in the context of his lifelong fight to preserve the big cats…The jaguars, beautiful felines indigenous to Mexico and Central and South America, are the stars here, of course, and the filmmakers make them stand out keenly among all the jungle's jewel tones. The combination of the film's gorgeous imagery and the cats' struggle for survival with the intense human drama endured by Rabinowitz, his family and his team, is a rare and wonderful thing."
- Melanie McFarland

NBC Nightly News, November 26, 2003
"Who doesn’t admire those among us who devote their lives to a noble cause, especially when their dedication is not for fame or fortune but because the cause is just as important."
- Tom Brokaw

Boston Herald, November 25, 2003
"With stunning shots of sleek jaguars prowling through lush jungles, the film interweaves Rabinowitz’s personal struggle with his quest to save the cats. He tracks jaguars through the rain forest of Panama, into the swamplands of the Brazil’s Pantanal and to Belize’s Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve."
- Aiden Fitzgerald

The Florida Times-Union, November 26, 2003
"The photography, of course, is excellent. But we’ve come to expect that from National Geographic, haven’t we? The close-ups of the cats are superb…But In Search of the Jaguar is as much a story of human struggle and survival as it is the big cat’s."
- Roger Bull

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, November 25, 2003
"Wednesday’s National Geographic Special bounds beyond the usual pretty animal-in-peril tales…As much about a man as a beast, In Search of the Jaguar takes viewers to lush jungles where sleek spotted predators lead difficult lives…We also get intimate insight into the pain that shaped a passionate conservationist…The film tells his fascinating story with dramatic and unexpected incidents."
- Celia Storey

New York Newsday, November 23, 2003
"An unusually dramatic National Geographic Special deals with efforts to protect the endangered jaguar and the personal struggle of one of the cat’s champions, Bronx Zoo-based Alan Rabinowitz."
- Noel Holston

Evolution Series
Show 3-Extinction!

NOVA and Clear Blue Sky Productions for PBS

New York Times, September 24, 2001
" bustling with ideas. A powerful sense of drama, discovery and intellectual enthusiasm runs through this rich eight-hour series...The series covers an enormous amount of ground but doesn't leave you feeling swamped. It's also soothing, approaching its sometimes fiery subject with a comforting sense of humanism."
- Julie Salamon

Boston Globe, September 24, 2001
"...brilliant television: an enthralling modern adventure story, entertaining and accessible, challenging and even disturbing...Evolution is a reminder of what television can do...sets a new standard for science journalism...a majestic portrait of an idea that is still evolving."
- Gareth Cook

Natural History, October 1, 2001
"Why has no one until now had the brilliant idea of putting together a series explicitly about Evolution?...The series presents its fascinating story in a lively yet responsible manner, bound to delight and inform."
- Frans B. M. de Waal

Wired, October 2001
"...this isn't your mother's nature program. The series triumphs in presenting Evolution not as a thing of ancient history but a force in present-day life..."
- Stacey Smith Lang